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Ovdal was founded in autumn 2008 by Mathias Ovdal, one of the pioneers of the first internet wave in Denmark and former partner in Mouse House and cofounder of Zupa.

Mathias has during his career always been focused on, and driven by, the creation of digital innovation. In other words using technology creatively to solve existing business challenges or even to create brand new business opportunities for our clients.

Ovdal today has two main offerings:

  • Digital Innovation We help businesses and organisations to digitize processes, services and products in order to establish new digital business platforms to conquer new markets or clients.

  • Digital Transformation We offer traditional digital agency services, i.e. production and daily operations of websites, app-development from idea to final app-store submission, and design and development of all kinds of digital services and tools for end users as well as B2B.

Our clients over the years include established larger advertising agencies like Hjaltelin Stahl and Nørgård Mikkelsen, Danish corporations and organisations like PostNord, Niras and Wonderful Copenhagen, and startups like Bolighed, Happy Helper and Pars (Digital Art Curation).